GUIDANCE | Original Pilot

A guidance counselor at an underserved public high school will stop at nothing to get her kids what they need; meanwhile, her personal life is off the rails.


Colleen was great at school and is less good at real life; as the youngest graduate of the fanciest drama school in the country and the daughter of a successful actress, she’s trying to find her own place in the second act of her life. Meanwhile, her boyfriend is abruptly leaving New York for Austin, and Colleen keeps having intrusive fantasies of slow-dancing with her friend Jean.

BETTER THINGS | "The Bug" | Spec Script of the Pamela Adlon/FX Original Series

Against her better judgment, Sam's girls get roped into the family trade as Sam and Max are called in for a mother-daughter commercial audition while Duke preps to land a non-Munchkin part in the annual school play, THE WIZARD OF OZ. Meanwhile, Sam coaches Phil through setting up her online dating profile. As Sam's career life overlaps with her family life, she longs for their separation.

UNAVAILABLE | Original Pilot

After an abrupt break-up with her bisexual ex-girlfriend, Zoe is looking for love in all the wrong places.

OLDER LADY | Screenplay

A young artist slowly becomes disillusioned as she begins to see that the person from whom she takes her artistic cues gets that artistic inspiration without a conscience and at a personal cost. The younger artist is on the same narcissistic trajectory as her icon and must decide whether to stay that course towards the career she wants.

PARLOR | Short Screenplay

Katie gets hooked on massages — to the exclusion of all other realities in her life.