OLDER LADY | The Alchemical Theatre, NYC

Semi-finalist for the 2018-19 Hart New Play Initiative. 

Co-directed with Laura Sheehy & co-produced with Patti Miller; Christina Bullard (Costume Design), Sam Fryer (Logo Design), Megan Ghiroli (Photos), Tyler Kieffer (Sound Design), Michele Renkovski (Press), Emily C. Rolston* (Stage Management), Marie Yokoyama (Lighting Design), & Daniel Zimmerman (Set Design).

Cast: Brooke Bloom*, Candy Buckley*, Emily Dorsch*, and Nancy Lemenager* (*AEA)

A young artist slowly becomes disillusioned as she begins to see that the person from whom she takes her artistic cues gets that artistic inspiration without a conscience and at a personal cost. The younger artist is on the same narcissistic trajectory as her icon and must decide whether to stay that course towards the career she wants.

PRODUCT | A play with music

Workshopped at New Works Lab at Stratford in April 2018 with Aysan Celik, Emily Dorsch, and Kathleen McElfresh. Previous development: a roundtable reading of PRODUCT at The Lark – Krista Williams and Celine Delcayre facilitated – the cast included Polly Lee, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Quincy Tyler Bernstine, and Zoë Winters; two additional readings were done at NYTW and at an artist's loft in Soho with casts including Ashley Bryant, Aysan Celik, Emily Dorsch, and Janelle Velasquez. 

Erika, an actor who calls herself an “auditioner” because she can’t remember the last time she booked an acting gig, begins freelancing at a marketing firm to make ends meet and quickly goes down the rabbit hole of obsession with and promotion of “product.”

This three-actress piece incorporates Excel spreadsheets, movement, text messages, rap, Xerox machines, sorority girls, Instagram, Post-it Notes, free shampoo and body wash. The play flips on a dime from the mundane to the epic and back again.

SISTREN | A play

Part of the 2018 Playwrights’ Week at The Lark. Cast included Teresa Avia Lim, Candy Buckley, Hannah Cabell, Emily Dorsch, Crystal Finn, Jessica Hecht, Tyler Lansing Weaks, and Derek Smith. Directed by Lisa Rothe. An interview with fellow Playwrights’ Week writer Charly Evon Simpson about the play here.

SISTREN was a finalist for the 2018 Leah Ryan Fund for Emerging Women Writers Playwriting Prize and a semi-finalist for the 2018 Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's National Playwrights Conference.

Workshopped in May 2018 with Brooke Bloom, Marcia DeBonis, Emily Dorsch, Chamblee Ferguson, Lisa Jill Anderson, Sally Murphy, Charlie Semine, and Zoë Winters — Stable Cable produced & Kel Haney directed. The play has previously been developed in two readings with Rosie Benton, Brooke Bloom, Candy Buckley, Emily Dorsch, Joe Gallagher, Natalie Gold, Beth Hart, Kathleen McElfresh, Roxanna Hope Radja, Kurt Rhoads, Charlie Semine, and Natalie Woolams-Torres.

In an absurd yet austere future that feels a little like the past and a little like the present, a mother and daughter manage their multiple spouses.

CC DANCES THE GO-GO | Dixon Place & Williamstown Theater Festival

At Dixon Place: Co-directed with Rebecca Whitehurst; Rebecca Whitehurst (Choreography), Christina Bullard (Costume Design), Marie Yokoyama (Lighting Design), & Matt Stone (Sound Design) Cast: Erin Buckley (Nicky) & Rebecca Whitehurst (CC). At Williamstown:  Director: Katie Lindsay; Producer: Patti Miller Cast: Allison Haglund (Nicky) & Brooke Reynolds (CC).

CC dances the go-go every Saturday night at Wanda’s, the local lesbian bar. The rest of the week she works as a nurse’s aide at the local nursing home. Nicky is an aspiring actor and professional freelancer who believes she’s possibly made CC up. Through a series of monologues, scenelets, and go-go dances, these two meet.

PLATONIC | Work-in-progress

Two friends (a gay girl and a straight-ish guy) have a very intimate friendship. And it’s entirely via voicemail message. We follow them through their mostly platonic relationship as they both look for connection with other people that they’ve already found with each other….via voicemail. 

I'VE BEEN STUCK IN THIS BAR SINCE THE MID-'90s... | Work-in-progress 

A sort of SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY about the gentrification of South Slope, Brooklyn and the disappearance of a particular gay bar.